Postdoctoral position in UK on cell biology of deubiquitylases

POSTDOCTORAL position available in Liverpool, UK

We are looking for a post-doctoral researcher to join our laboratory at the University of Liverpool to work on the cell biology of deubiquitylases (DUBs). Our lab uses state-of-the-art molecular and cell biological approaches including CRISPR/Cas9-editing, microscopy, image analysis and quantitative proteomics to gain detailed understanding on the role of DUBs. The project is part of an ongoing  collaboration between several academic laboratories and industrial partners, with the overarching aim to explore DUBs as therapeutic targets in oncology (see Turnbull et al., Nature 2017 for an example of a recent output).
Any interested candidates are invited to apply here befiore the 2nd January. Please feel free to contact Michael Clague ( and Sylvie Urbé ( for further information.

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