Postdoc positions in Austria on targeted protein degradation

Postdoc positions in Austria on targeted protein degradation

We are excited to announce that a special research focus on “Targeted Protein Degradation” will be launched within the framework of a Collaborative Research Grant funded by the Austrian Science Fund. We are offering 11 fully funded, interdisciplinary 4-year postdoc positions in Vienna, as well as 1 position in Mainz. Research topics focus on the ubiquitin-proteasome system (UPS), autophagy and small molecule-induced protein degradation.

Main research questions addressed by our consortium:

(1)  How are client proteins channeled between the UPS and autophagy?

(2)  How are the two major degradation pathways coordinated with each other?

(3)  What compartment-specific properties underlie efficient degradation in the nucleus and in the cytoplasm?

(4)  How can we use small molecules to reprogram the distinct degradation systems against medically relevant targets?

For further information about the projects contact the individual group leaders. Please send your application including a motivation letter, a CV, a publication list and contact details of 3 references to The deadline for the submission of applications is February 29, 2020.

Recruiting groups:
Andreas Bachmair – N-degron pathways
Christian Becker – Tailor-made ubiquitin chains for targeting the UPS/autophagy
Petra Beli – Interplay between transcriptional elongation and UPS during stress response
Tim Clausen – PROTAC 2.0: The reprogramming of giant E3 ligases
Yasin Dagdas – Unfolded Protein Response and Autophagy
Joanna Loizou – Nuclear quality control and DNA damage
Elif Karagöz – Regulation of stress granule assembly and dissolution
Alwin Köhler – Role of lipid and protein phase separation in nuclear ubiquitin signaling
Sascha Martens – Autophagy and nuclear protein quality control
Noelia Urban – Proteostasis in the activation of adult stem cells
Gijs Versteeg – Haplotype-specific degradation mechanisms of APOBEC3H
Georg Winter – Molecular glues and targeted protein degradation

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