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Postdoc and PhD positions in UK on ER-phagy

Postdoc positions in Austria on targeted protein degradation

Postdoc position in France on Chaperone-Mediated Autophagy in fish

Training school: “Automated Image-based Assessments of Autophagy”

Training school: “Automated Image-based Assessments of Autophagy. 18-20 March 2020, Tübingen, Germany Click here for more information

Annual Meeting of TRANSAUTOPHAGY 2020

Dear colleagues, We are pleased to announce the next annual meeting of the COST Action “European Network of Multidisciplinary Research and Translation of Autophagy...   Read More

Winter 2020 Transautophagy Newsletter

PhD & Postdoc positions in Switzerland and the Netherlands on autophagy

NeuroHeal Biomedicals: a new technology-based company of the UAB to develop a new treatment for peripheral nerve damage

Post-doc or Engineer position in France on Autophagy/Cellular Biology

Call for papers: “Autophagy in Antimicrobial Immunity”

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