WG 1 Basic Research on Autophagy Molecular Machinery

WG1 aims to extend basic knowledge on Autophagy, filling the existing gaps to improve molecular understanding of the main mechanisms that regulate autophagy pathways in eukaryotic cells.

WG2 Strategies for Autophagy analyses and modulation

To enable translation of Autophagy research from bench to bedside, WG2 will focus on development of: i) tool kits for Autophagy analyses; ii) platforms for drug discovery; iii) nanotechnology; and iv) synthetic biology engineering for autophagy modulation.

WG3 Autophagy Applied to Crop and Energy production

WG3 aims to extend current knowledge on autophagy in phototrophic organisms, identifying critical gaps in knowledge and translating this knowledge into enhancing plant growth, optimizing nutrient utilization, improving food quality, and modulating stress responses and immunity.

WG4 Biomedical Research

The focus of WG4 is to identify functions and dysfunctions of autophagy in cellular and animal models of human diseases and use this knowledge to: i) identify (autophagy-related) biomarkers of disease and ii) design therapeutic strategies based on the manipulation of autophagy. The ultimate objective of WG4 is to provide – based on results obtained in preclinical models of disease – the basis for the development of novel biomedical applications.

WG5 Biomedical Translation & Clinical Trials

WG5 aims to foster translation of research results into benefits to patients by tackling: i) biomarker discovery; ii) development of strategies to foster healthy aging; and iii) development of therapeutic strategies to treat a variety of diseases.

Management Committee

Chair Caty Casas
Vice-Chair Patrice Codogno

Translational Committee

Leader Walter Balduini
Vice-Leader Andrea Cossarizza
Sylvianne Muller
Scientific Advisor Iovanna Juan
WG3, WG4, WG5 leaders, Scientific Advisors, Chair, ViceChair

Dissemination Coordinations

Leader Nektarios Tavernarakis
Scientific Advisor Benjamin Dehay

STSM Coordination (SC)

Leader Patricia Boya
Vice-Leader Christian Behrends

Task Collaborators


James Murray
Vice-Leader Jesús Martínez de la Fuente
Scientific Advisor Nikolai Engeldan

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