TRANSAUTOPHAGY will be a multidisciplinary European network of scientists, clinicians, and main stakeholders from industry and SMEs that is committed to develop and integrate translational research projects linked to diverse autophagy roles that are currently studied separately. The Action include specialists who work with model systems and cellular models and computer-based simulations to study the origin of membranes for autophagy initiation, molecular biologists focused on deciphering the molecules that participate in each autophagy stage, and bioinformaticians who strive to integrate all this information with a system biology-based computational approach. The Action also includes plant cell biologists who worry about how to drive cell and plant behaviour for a healthy and efficient development by manipulating autophagy, engineers and scientists who investigate the potential that autophagy has to facilitate use of microorganisms as alternative fuel producers, and biomedical scientists fighting to understand how autophagy can be manipulated for health promotion or therapeutic use. Finally, the Action includes clinicians who are analysing clinical data in search for biomarkers related to autophagy and innovative SMEs who see the potential in this manipulation for biotechnical breakthroughs and market solutions. The network will promote cooperativity.

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